• King of the Jungle

Tuesday - 291019

Jungle WOD

Strength/Skill A) Push Press 6-4-2-6-4-2 after each set: 30-60 Hollow Body Hold

Metcon 30-26-22-18-16-12 Lunges KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull Box HSPu

Jungle Strong

A) Push Press 6-4-2-6-4-2 B)3x25Meter One Arm KB Carry B2)3x6/6 Bulgarian split squat -Modatate/Light C)3x7-6-5 Wtd Pullp D) Amrap in 10 mim: Run 200 15 Wallballs 20 Lunges

Jungle Full Body -

A) 4x8 Back Squat (with barbell) B) 3X12 Dual KB Deadlift C)3x8/8 KB One Arm Row Tabata 7 Rounds: 30 Work, 10 Rest A) JackSons B) KB Swing C)Ring Row D) Wallball Clean ( teach them tec first) E) KB Sumo deadlift High Pull Finish With TABATA ABS